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When water damage occurs in your home or business let Westminster 24/7 Flood Rescue bill your insurance directly! We work with ALL insurance companies and take care of the claim filing process for you, removing the stress and annoyance out of water damage. We know water damage remediation can be costly, but we’re here to offer you a fair price and expert services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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What Water Damage Does Insurance Cover?

The amount of water damage covered by insurance will vary depending on your policy. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover “sudden and accidental” causes of water damage, so long as they were not caused by neglect or poor maintenance.

Note that homeowner’s insurance rarely covers flooding. This is covered by a separate policy, which is usually issued by the National Flood Insurance Program and covers up to $350,000 of building and content damage.

Homeowner’s insurance policies usually also won’t cover water damage from exterior pipes, nor cover the costs to repair the cause of the water damage, such as the cost of repairing a leaky pipe.

Steps to Filing a Water Damage Insurance Claim

Here is an overview of the steps you need to take before and during the water damage insurance claims process:

Before the Claim

• Secure premises: Take all steps needed to get your home or business safe, like shutting off water to stop further damage, shutting off electric mains to prevent fires and electric shocks, and remove items before they get damaged.

• Make list of damaged items: Take a quick note of damaged items to have ready when you call your insurance company.

• Document damage: Using video and photo, take pictures of the water damage. You will also want to take notes, such as how high the water has risen.

• Review your insurance policy: Make sure you understand what is covered before you file a claim, and also how filing a claim will affect your rates and coverage.

• Determine whether the claim is worth it: If the amount of damage isn’t much more than your deductible, it may not be worth filing a claim since the water damage claim can affect your rates and coverage.

• Make urgent repairs, like extracting standing water: Don’t wait to call for professional water damage services. You need to get water out before it causes further damage and mold growth sets in.

Opening the Claim

• Call insurance company: Be sure to have your policy number ready.

• Stick to the facts: The insurance agent will take your statement, so stick to the facts about the situation. Don’t make any guesses about the cause of the water damage or extent of the damage. This might be held against you later.

• Write down instructions: Ask the insurance agent what steps you are expected to take and write down all instructions, such as what documents to send in.

Damage Assessment

• Find proof of ownership for damaged items: Such as warranties, packaging, and receipts

• Send a list of damaged property to insurance advisor: You will want to send in the list along with proof of ownership and cost estimates for repair/replacement.

• Call a Private Adjuster: Consider hiring a private adjuster if you think the insurance adjuster gave a too-low estimate for the damages.

Repairs and Replacements

Once authorized by the insurance agent, you can start on major repairs and replacements. You will receive a check from the insurance company or contractors can bill the insurance company directly. Make sure you are satisfied with all work before signing off on anything.

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