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All of the drains in your home are connected and funnel waste water out of the sewage main. If something happens to your sewage main, such as a clog, then the waste water will have no way of exiting and will backup into your home. The aftermath can be devastating, causing damage to your property, health, and wellbeing. We at 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage, CA 92683 understand how serious sewage backups can be and are standing by to help.

Our Sewage Damage Cleanup Services

Sewage damage is considered Category III water damage, which is the worst category and is seen as an immediate threat to your health and safety. Because of how hazardous sewage water can be, it should only be cleaned up by licensed, trained professionals with the proper equipment for the job. Whether you experience a small toilet backup or a large sewage flood, we can help:

  • 24/7 emergency services, fast response time
  • Residential and commercial sewage cleanup services
  • Sewage removal and disposal
  • Sanitization
  • Mold and bacteria remediation
  • Odor removal
  • Drying and moisture control
  • Property loss mitigation
  • Detailed reports
  • Direct billing to insurance companies
  • Sewage Cleanup Process

No matter how big or small the job is, 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage can help. Our technicians come on site wearing respirators and particle-protection coveralls with hoods and boots. The first step in the sewage cleanup process is to assess the risk. If an immediate health risk is perceived, you may be advised to evacuate. Our technicians will also check for safety hazards, like electrical fire risks.

After ensuring that the site is safe and that no more sewage is leaking into your home, our technicians will get to work removing the contaminated water and waste. We use high-powered pumps to remove sewage and moisture. Property will be assessed to determine whether it can be salvaged or must be removed. Biocides are applied to destroy pathogens which may have entered the site.

All unsalvageable items will be removed from the site for you and properly disposed of in accordance with California regulations. This includes items like furniture, carpeting, carpet pads, and affected drywall. We always take caution to ensure that no cross contamination occurs. Items which can be salvaged will be completely cleaned and sanitized.

To prevent mold and bacteria growth, care must be taken to ensure the area dries quickly. Our technicians will set up air chambers and air movers, as well as dehumidifiers. Using equipment like infrared cameras, we can detect moisture pockets even within walls or subflooring, so no areas are overlooked. All moisture levels will be recorded. Depending on the level of damage, we might need to perform ongoing moisture level monitoring.

Hard surfaces which were saturated by sewage, such as hardwood floors, joists, and studs, may need to be treated with a protective coating to ensure pathogens don’t contaminate your home.

Commercial Sewage Cleanup Services

We understand that sewage backups and waste water flooding is particularly damaging for commercial businesses. Not only are there losses from property destruction, but the business can suffer from costly downtime.

We at 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage promise to work closely with our commercial customers to get the sewage waste cleaned up quickly, and with as little disruption to your operations as possible. When necessary, we can call in additional teams to deal with emergencies and take steps like creating air chambers to get the site restored without affecting other areas.

Category and Classes of Sewage Damage

Water damage is categorized based on the health risk it poses. Sewage water damage is considered Category III, the worst category for water damage. In addition to Category, water damage is also put into a Class of 1-4 depending on rate of evaporation. Class 1 is the lowest level of damage and is for situations where little saturation as occurred, such as if you had a sewage backup onto a tile floor. By contrast, Class 4 is the worst and refers to special situations where the sewage water has saturated items such as walls, carpet padding, and sub flooring.

It is important for home and business owners to understand these basic categories and classes of water damage as it will make a difference in how the problem is treated, and also how insurance claims are processed. We at 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage will explain everything to you in detail and help you through the insurance claims process for sewage damage.

Why Choose Us?

At 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage, we do more than just pump out sewage water. We provide comprehensive sewage cleanup services, ranging from damage assessment to moisture monitoring. Our goal is to make the sewage cleanup process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Our technicians will take the time to explain everything to you and answer all of your questions. We only use state-of-the-art equipment and powerful biocides so damage is minimized and your home is left sanitary. To help you through the ordeal, we provide friendly customer service and our rates are fairly priced.

Here are some of the reasons you will be glad you chose us for sewage cleanup services in Westminster:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Fast response time
  • IICRC certified, licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Advanced equipment like extractors and moisture detectors
  • Powerful biocides
  • Great customer service
  • Fair prices with no hidden costs
  • Direct billing to insurance companies

For sewage emergencies, 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage is here to help. Call us today to learn more about our services or to have an emergency team dispatched to your business.

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