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Fire sprinklers can do wonders in stopping fires from spreading and averting tragedies. In this sense, fire sprinklers should be considered an investment which can save money and lives. However, fire sprinklers do put out upwards of 28 gallons of water per minute. All this water can cause great damage to your home or business. If your home or business fire sprinkler system discharges, call 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage, CA 92683 for fast, affordable water damage restoration services.

Our Fire Sprinkler Water Cleanup Services

24 Hour Westminster Water Damage is IICRC certified, licensed, and insured to deal with all levels of water damage from fire sprinkler systems. We have a large team of trained experts on staff who will arrive to your home or business with truck-mounted water extraction devices. Equipment like moisture level readers can help detect moisture pockets even deep within walls. Using this information and equipment, we are able to come up with plans to avert health disasters and property loss. Once water is removed, we will set up air chambers, air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and prevent mold growth. Biocides are applied when necessary to avert mold and bacteria growth.

Here are just some of the ways we can help with our fire sprinkler water damage services:

  • 24/7 services, fast response time
  • Water extraction
  • Damage assessments
  • Mold and bacteria remediation
  • On and off-site drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Odor removal
  • Property loss mitigation
  • Waste disposal
  • Moisture monitoring
  • Detailed reports
  • Direct billing to insurance companies
  • Commercial Fire Sprinkler Water Cleanup

As of 2011, fire sprinklers are required in virtually all California businesses, as well as new construction of 1 and 2-family dwellings and townhouses. The basis of this wise mandate is that fire sprinklers save lives and reduce damage from fires.

While fire sprinklers might be great investments, we understand that water damage from fire sprinklers can take a severe toll on businesses. If deployed either accidentally or in response to a small fire, the water can quickly saturate property. It is imperative that the water is extracted and moisture controlled quickly.

24 Hour Westminster Water Damage works closely with its commercial customers to come up with water damage cleanup plans which will reduce downtime while preserving property. We are available 24 hours per day, 365 per year, and can dispatch extra teams to help deal with large emergencies.

What to Do if Your Fire Sprinklers Go Off Accidentally?

Unfortunately, fire sprinklers do sometimes malfunction. This is usually due to overheating, freezing, mechanical damage, or corrosion. To reduce the risk of accidental discharge, you should have your fire sprinkler system regularly maintained and make any recommended upgrades or repairs.

In the event that your fire sprinkler accidentally discharges and does not shut off automatically, you should turn off the main water valve to prevent more water from getting into your home or business. If any electrical components got wet, you will want to shut off the electric switch for them as well at the main panel.

The next step would be to call a licensed fire sprinkler repair service to make sure that the sprinkler won’t malfunction again. You will then want to call for water damage restoration services. If the water damage is extensive, you will also want to call your insurance company and follow any steps they say to take, such as documenting the damage.

Water damage from fire sprinklers can often be quickly restored. However, it is important that you call for water damage services immediately. If not, the saturated walls and flooring will likely grow bacteria and mold. This can turn the problem from Category I water damage to Category II or III.

Fire Sprinkler Damage from Small Fires

If your fire sprinklers were activated by a fire, then chances are you have more than just water to clean up. You may also be dealing with soot, smoke, charred belongings, and impaired structures. 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage specializes in water damage restoration services, not fire damage restoration. However, we can help in cases of small fires where most of the damage is caused by the sprinkler system. In these cases, you should be very happy that you are facing water damage and not a tragedy due to a spreading fire!

Our technicians will first make sure the site is safe and then perform a damage assessment. We will help you come up with a plan for extracting the water and removing moisture so no mold or bacteria grows and your property can be saved.

Paying for Damage from Fire Sprinklers

24 Hour Westminster Water Damage knows what a big toll water damage can take. That is why we work closely with our customers to help them get reimbursed for water damage and restoration costs. We can help you document losses, salvage damaged belongings, and we bill directly to insurance companies. Our services are fairly priced and we provide free estimates to help customers make an informed decision.

For all of your water damage emergencies, 24 Hour Westminster Water Damage is here to help. Call us today to learn more about our services or to have an emergency team dispatched to your home or business.

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