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You might want to be careful the next time you are cooking or using heating equipment in your kitchen. According to research, 45 percent of all house fires are initiated in the kitchen. This is the worst kind of fire because it spreads quickly. Kitchen fires are often the messiest because both oil as well as plastic containers can be found in this area. There is gas line, water line and proteins which fuels the fire, and make things go from bad to worse. The soot is very greasy and the odor smells terrible. If the fire has spread through the entire house, you will definitely require professional aid to clean up this fire damage.

If your house in Westminster has caught fire, do not delay the cleanup. In fact, Westminster Fire Damage Restoration is in your city with emergency services available 24/7.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

After your house has caught fire, it will be nearly impossible for you to live there. Soot will stick to walls and ceiling while dirty water will be puddled on the floor. Smoke odor will spread throughout the house and most of the things will be charred and blackened. The metal objects will be tarnished and furniture will become unusable. Fire damage restoration is a process which will recover and repair all these damages and help you return to your home within a short time.

What to Do After A Fire?

  • Check for the safety of your family and pet.
  • If your property is insured, call your insurance company
  • Enter the house with a respirator
  • Avoid touching fire damaged objects
  • Check your valuables and report anything that’s missing
  • If the soot is powdery, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it

What Not to Do After A Fire?

  • Do not eat or drink anything that has been exposed to fire or fire damage
  • Do not use water to clean soot
  • Do not shampoo carpets and rugs while it is still damp from fire extinguishing efforts
  • Do not use electricity or any electrical appliances
  • Do not throw away anything without getting it checked from insurance company
  • Do not let children run around the house or area where fire occurred
  • Do not wash clothes at home

How We Restore?

Professionals at Westminster Fire Damage Restoration provide excellent services. We follow proper standards and keep a quality check on your work.

Here is how we clean fire damage:

  • Restoration: we have two ways to restore fire damage
  • Cleaning: It is a quick method which involves removing fire residues and cleaning soot and smoke from the house
  • Resurfacing: This method involves repair of less damaged items like painting, upholstery etc.
  • Use of heavy duty restoration chemicals called degreasers. Cleaning sponges are also used for dry cleaning.
  • Deodorization: We use following equipment to eliminate smell from your house
  • Ozone generator
  • Fogger
  • Vapor diffuser
  • Pack out services: Items of high liability are packed and moved out of the fire damaged area.
  • Storage: Movable items that can be a hindrance during the restoration process are shifted to a storage facility until the house is restored.

Make The Right Choice and Call Westminster Fire Damage Restoration

  • Emergency is available 24/7
  • Skilled professionals
  • Certified by IICRC
  • Use of latest equipment in fire damage restoration
  • 100% insurance billing
  • Well-coordinated system of customer care
  • Use of environmental and biodegradable products
  • Affordable with no hidden cost

If you went through a fire experience in Westminster, and are in need of quick professional aid, call Westminster Fire Damage now. We will assess the damage in your house and will help you get insurance claim so that restoration work can begin promptly.

Call us at (714) 364-2554 for fire damage consultation now!

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